1. Every student is expected to attend the classes regularly.

2. Attendance is marked at every period and students are expected to be punctual to the classes. Late-comers are liable to be fined and will lose the attendance for that period. Absence for one or more hours during a session will be treated as absence for half a day.

3. Application for leave should be made ordinarily in case of illness only and should specify the period for which leave is applied for.

4. Leave letters shall reach the office prior to the student availing leave. In other words, leave shall not normally be granted, if leave letters do not reach the office prior to the date for which leave is sought.

5. If a student requires leave on the score of any important private matter, he must take it from the Principal, in person well in advance.

6. In case of an application for leave for more than a week on account of illness, the principal may insist on the production of a medical certificate.

7. If a student is absent without leave or if leave is refused by the principal, he will be liable to pay the fine prescribed.

8. Absence from examination without leave will be regarded as serious breach of discipline and will render the student concerned, liable to heavy fines and other penalties which may include refusal of permission to appear for the terminal examinations. This is applicable for class tests also.

9. All applications for leave shall be made in writing and shall be endorsed by the father or guardian in the case of day-students and by the deputy warden in the case of hostel students.

10. If a student absents consecutively for ten or more days without obtaining leave, he/she shall be deemed to have left the college and will be dealt with as such.

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